About Us

Eye Care Optometry is a full-service primary care optometric practice. We understand and practice the philosophy that a satisfied patient will return again and again. In our experience, they not only return, they bring their friends and relatives with them.

Eye Care Optometry's structure, experience and facilities all contribute to making us the ideal eye care provider.

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Our History

Over 50 years ago, Joseph F. Dobrik and Dr. A.A. Stahl founded a complete eye care facility under the name of Dobrik Opticians. In the years that followed, they experienced tremendous growth in spite of intense competition in the eye care field. The company's success was attributed to the thorough nature of their examinations and the extra care taken to satisfy their patients.

More recently, the name Eye Care Optometry was adopted and is now under the leadership of Dr. Kenneth Stoller, Dr. Joseph Montana and manager/optician Helga Johnson. The business continues to succeed operating under the same patient-oriented philosophy established when the company was first founded.

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